Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fwd: Big media day for FairTax - watch tonight!

From: FairTax Nation <>
Date: Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 4:33 PM
Subject: Big media day for FairTax - watch tonight!
Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the FairTax Act of 2009, HR 25/ S 296

A message to all members of FairTax Nation

Today has been unbelievable on the media front. A volunteer politely reached  out to Eric Bolling of Fox News when he didn't understand the FairTax on air.  You don't need to be on Facebook to see the conversation here: 

Because of this, Dennis Calabrese is taping an interview this afternoon that will be aired tonight we're told. You can find Fox Business channels here:</ a> The Follow the Money show airs at 9pm EST but we don't know when Dennis will be on. We'll try to get the video asap.

Also on Fox Business, probably the best explanation of world trade and the FairTax I've heard the media put on air without our help: Fox even put a graphic on that said he was co-sponsor  of the Fair Tax Act. Wow!

More talk of a NST with the guest talking about replacing the current income tax system with a Fair Tax and saying originally, in the book, the NST was a replacement. More encouragement needed to him that we can pass a pure bill but a great show:

Also vote in the Laura Ingram poll here: About halfway down in the middle of the page.

It's been a good day FairTaxers!

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