Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fwd: ALERT! FairTax is #2 - Make it #1

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Right now, you can send a loud and clear message to our nation's political leaders. Election Day was a romp for Republicans, and their party is sending 60 new members to the House of Representatives in Congress. They will have the House majority this session and you can get their attention! FairTax supporters have a clear opportunity to tell Republicans that the FairTax plan is the top solution for tax reform in America.

Visit right away and after a simple registration process, vote for the FairTax. Republican Congressional leaders are using this site to gauge sentiment for a host of issues.

As we are sending this to you, the FairTax has a strong chance to be the number one tax reform idea. But without your vote it might fall behind less qualified solutions that would not fix our country. Send a message directly to the Republican leaders in Congress to insist they take up the FairTax plan. Your vote today is critical to our agenda!

Then come back to and donate after you vote. Any amount you can give will go to educate Americans about the transformative power of the FairTax. We're rolling out new technology and communication tools for our grassroots leaders almost every day, expanding our Facebook presence and our national spokesmen are still in high demand with the national attention the FairTax has been receiving.

Every dollar you give will go toward outreach to recruit more supporters, who will call on Congress to pass the FairTax legislation.

Please do your part today. Send a message to leaders in Congress and then contribute.

Thank you for your support!

The FairTax Team

P.S. The FairTax legislation is single issue and we are dedicated to bringing the right, left and center together against the self-interests of Congress. We have a unique way to reach Republican leaders with our message but Americans from all sides of the aisle are attracted to the transformational power of the FairTax. This article, published in the Boston Globe, makes a compelling case for Democrats to support the FairTax and here are some of the top reasons that attract them to the FairTax.


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